No posting. No liking. No sharing. Just living.

The pandemic reshaped workplace relationships in unprecedented ways. In the beginning, it was supposed to be a few weeks, but it has now been over a year of virtual meetings.

But what does it all have to do with the Worten event? Everything!

Worten is a leading consumer electronics retail company in Portugal, and the pandemic has also impacted their business. The new reality changed the way people consume, and it increased online shopping. Worten had to expand their digital team to attend to this new demand – meaning that many among the new collaborators have been working together remotely for months without ever meeting in person.

The world slowly began to recover from the pandemic, so it was time to give Worten’s digital team time off from the screens and the opportunity to meet each other face to face. With that in mind, Worten challenged VOQIN’ to design, plan and organize a remarkable and safe offline experience. Off we go!

/ Type

Physical event


The main request was to help the organization strengthen human ties among the members of the Worten Digital team again.

VOQIN’s challenge was to create an environment to stimulate them to disconnect from digital and connect in real life.

/ The team missed social interactions
/ They were tired of talking to each other only through screens
/ They needed some off-digital moments


The idea of the party was to put technology aside so people could genuinely connect and have fun.

VOQIN’s creative solution was to disconnect everything and hold an UNPLUGGED meeting. Find below every detail of this event:


The chosen place was the Coconuts in Cascais, the coast of Lisbon. There is nothing better than an open space, with an incredible view and surrounded by nature. We wanted guests to be overwhelmed by their surroundings and to be able to feel and interact with everything around them.

Creative concept
The event name was “UNPLUGGED” and the tagline was “No posting. No liking. No sharing. Just living”. Through the disconnected “plug icon” the graphics showed the UNPLUGGED concept in a literal and fun way.

Retro Games
Games were allowed in analog format with futsal XXL, arcade machines, air hockey, dancing stage, guitar hero, and much more fun.

Nothing brings people together more than music, so we organized two live concerts during the event.

Personalized bracelets
At the beginning of the party, every guest got a bracelet personalized with icons, and by joining it with other guests, it formed a pre-select word. As soon as the word was completed, the guests could show it the bar and receive a drink specially created for the Worten party.

Following the health authorities’ advice, digital certification for COVID vaccine was requested at the entrance, and, if needed, COVID-19 rapid tests were also available.


A sunny day with an impeccable event delivery. Worten Digital team got “out” of technology and enjoyed each other’s company with a lot of fun through old-school games and team dynamics.

“I want to thank you on behalf of the entire Worten Digital Team for your cooperation. It was a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with VOQIN’ in hosting this event. Such reputation and years of experience brought us a lot of expectations about the high standard we wanted to guarantee at this important moment of the team meeting.
From this high expectation, the event delivery ensured the initial objectives and went beyond what we had imagined. The commitment was revealed from the first contacts and the deep interest in knowing our real needs. It was critical to deliver creative and pragmatic planning that made it possible to carry out the event quickly. Naturally, a good plan is worthless without proper execution. In this chapter, VOQIN' demonstrated enormous sensitivity to ensure the detailed performance of all the moments that guided the event's afternoon, providing a fantastic experience for everyone involved.”

Pedro DevesaHead of Digital Business at Worten




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